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Door of Hope Children's Center

Hosanna Teenager Project

In February of 2009 we opened the Door of Hope, our first group home for vulnerable and orphaned children with a capacity of 18 children along with staff and volunteers. Our group seemed to lean more towards the age of teenagers, so of course it had itís challenges!

The needs of the children vary, some are without family and others are in a vulnerable and desperate situation. Because of AIDS and the civil war in Uganda many children are without one or both parents. Poverty is a major factor that affects everything from health care to education. We have some children that have seen their family members murdered from the Genocide in Rwanda. We know that if our children were not with us, they would not have much of a chance. We wanted these children to have a safe environment where they could be nurtured with love and nutrition and to provide a good education. We needed to see to the best of our ability that the children were in a good situation.

In 2010 we joined Love In Action, a UK Charity, to combine our resources which would provide two separate compounds; the Hosanna House for Girls and The Hallelujah House for boys. We all have been quite pleased with how God has joined together the children on both sides as they became united as one family. The children join together for meals daily and on Sunday evening have fellowship, where they sing and dance and praise the Lord. Just listen and follow the sounds of drums and voices!

Our vision is for our sponsors to be involved with the entire home of children and through the internet, follow how the children are doing with their academics, health, and general well being. We invite you to become an Uncle or Auntie to one of our childrenís homes!

You can join our family as a sponsor for as little as $28.00 a month. We also have a level two, junior sponsorship, and one-time donation options as well. We provide updates on our blog pertaining to the happenings in Uganda and we welcome you to leave comments on our blog and pray for our children.

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